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 Please help with links Darkworld character color palette issue

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PostSubject: Please help with links Darkworld character color palette issue   Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:41 pm

So the problem I'm having is with the color of links Darkworld character. I changed it from a bunny rabbit to Wolf. When you first enter the Darkworld the color palette for the wolf character is messed up, it's completely the wrong color but if you View the map and then exit the map the color palette will be fixed. I've noticed that this also happens & happens with links power glove even if you play the game not hacked. Either way why did they make the Golden Power gloves limegreen? it doesn't make sense but back to topic. So I guess my question is in regards to Hyrule magic, I need to locate the color palette for this issue . I've searched desperately & I don't believe it's there. I need some help with this please if anybody can help me out that would be great. I'm working on a really good game mod for everyone to enjoy and I would like to figure this out. Thank you.

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Please help with links Darkworld character color palette issue
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