This is a forum dedicated to Zelda hacking (specifically A Link To The Past).
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 Accepted Tools

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PostSubject: Accepted Tools   Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:52 pm

Here they are:

Hyrule Magic - Author: Sephiroth3 - This is a editor for Zelda 3. It is suppose to be easy to understand, and use. You can find more info in the info file.

zcompress - Author: FuSoYa - This is a graphics decompression/recompression program for Zelda: A
Link to the Past.

Zelda Script Editor - Author: Yarx - A text editor for zelda.

Lunar IPS - Author: FuSoYa - A IPS patcher and maker.

HxD - Author: Maël Hörz - HxD is a simple to use but very powerful hex editor. Some of the more notable features include: fast opening of large files, file comparison, tabbed interface, file sharing, and many more.

Xkas - Author: Byuu - Full-featured 65816 assembler with patching feature.

Lunar Expand - Author: FuSoYa - This tool is able to expand SNES ROMs to various sizes and thus making it possible to insert more ASM hacks or other data.

Lunar Address - Author: FuSoYa - This version of Lunar Address has no functional changes. It just updates the icons/fonts for higher DPI displays and ClearType, consistent with the recent changes to Lunar Expand and Lunar IPS.

Hyrule add-ons - Author: Euclid -

(Hyrule add-ons) is a program that is able to modify the zelda 3 (U) snes rom.
It has (Enemy Stat Editor/Enemy Damage Editor) where the health and damage can be changed.
The armor on the enemy can be changed too.

It has too a (Damage Table Editor) where the damage can be changed. There is a warning saying:
Be very careful with changing these values. And then there is the (Damage 0 Table) The armor can be changed there. (Armor 1) + (Armor 2) + (Armor 3).

Enemy damage and armor editor - Author: Euclid

Bottle - Author: Vitor Vilela - This tool edits the status bar in alttp.
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Accepted Tools
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