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 About the (Zeldix Magic) program

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PostSubject: About the (Zeldix Magic) program   Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:34 am

I got amazed that there is going to be a replacement for the old (Hyrule Magic) program.
Not unlike (Black Magic) which never got 100% completed because it's always work in progress in a very slow rate.

(Zeldix Magic) might be 100% completed faster than (Black Magic).
But i can't say how much progress it would get by time.

Try to wait 10 years or more.
Has the (Black Magic) program got more progress than the (Zeldix Magic) since their version 0.0 releases?
Only the future can tell.
You have to wait until 2030 or 2040.
And then search on google if it even exists anymore.

And now back to talk about the possible features and workflows that might or might not have to do with the upcoming versions of the (Zeldix Magic) program software.


I got these points from puzzledude:

Quote :
01. Overworld is made as a drawing which "loads parts of gfx onto the screen" aka "drawing". This is very difficult to master.
Original authors needed to first draw objects, then "decompile" them into gfx banks, just to then "compile" them back. This is necessary since the game was made to read gfx from gfx banks which are flat even horizontals, yet objects are of different shapes.

02. Overworld and dungeon editing will require 2 completely different mindsets and usually 2 hackers are needed to come up with ALTTP hack, one specialized in overworld and the other in dungeons.

03. All the editor can do, is to reduce the grid editing of the overworld into smaller parts, thus allowing the end user to simply "load" 16x16 squares onto the grid, and ignoring the conversion into 32x32, if indeed this is even possible, as the game has a specific coding for these tiles. However it should be doable. But making the overworld editing the same as dungeon editing is not happening.

Judging from how the game is made, you can expect a similar strategy of overworld editing in any Z3 editor.

04. The best way to construct any Z3 hack is to even have each dungeon in a separate rom, gfx done on a separate rom, ASM in a separate rom or roms, mologues in a separate rom, while the primary (seperate) rom has the overworld made and even another seperate rom for the dark world.

I got this one point from SunGodPortal:
Quote :
It's best to split the work that goes into one of these hacks into separate ROMs that can be merged later.

And that forum thread derailment aside information:

Jandazekon wrote:
Trovsky wrote:
There are better ways of spending your time.
Than this?
Quote :
The Rom gets bugged
Just wait until year 2090 and see if even internet exists anymore.
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About the (Zeldix Magic) program
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