This is a forum dedicated to Zelda hacking (specifically A Link To The Past).
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 Bunch of releases

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PostSubject: Bunch of releases   Fri May 04, 2012 1:17 pm

The first one i'll show is the one I want to be the main focus of the thread: Link.

Yep thats right, a complete dissasembly of ALTTP. It took me over three months to complete and I have been done with it for about two month. It hasn't been commented on a whole lot yet but I plan to do more and hopefully I can get some people to help as well.

Next I have this. This is a status bar editor made by Vitor Vilela so I really would like to give most credit to him (all I did was give him addresses that needed to be changed). Here are some screen shots:

(I hope that first one isn't too big...)

For my third item I have this. It is a custom sprite inserter I made by myself, and I must say I am quite proud of it (considering its the first helpful tool I made). There is a tutorial I made here on how to use the sprites, as well as making them, if you are interested in using it.


Last I have this. Basically this is a patch which enables a code to run every frame in a level, and a per level basis. It also has the ability to make a code run once during level fade-in.

If you are interested in helping with the dissasembly, even if it is just a small routine, or just want to talk to me about something feel free to join #zeldconst on EsperNet, a chat room zeldconst made. Thats it, enjoy!
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Bunch of releases
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