This is a forum dedicated to Zelda hacking (specifically A Link To The Past).
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 Accepted Documents

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PostSubject: Accepted Documents   Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:18 pm

These are the accepted documents:

Sprite Clippings - Author: wiiqwertyuiop - This is a list of sprite clippings. With pictures!

SRAM log - Author: MathOnNapkins - SRAM log for ALTTP.

VRAM map - Author: MathOnNapkins - VRAM map, useful for doing things with VRAM.

Zelda 3 Dissasembly - Author: wiiqwertyuiop - Complete dissasembly of ALTTP with comments! Not fully completed yet, but I'm sure this will help some people.

Zelda 3 SPC Dissasembly - Author: MathOnNapkins - A dissasembly of ALTTP's SPC engine. I noticed a few errors and I don't think its complete, but it should still be helpful depending on what you want to do.
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Accepted Documents
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