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 Want to submit something? READ THIS FIRST!!!

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PostSubject: Want to submit something? READ THIS FIRST!!!   Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:33 pm

First let me explain how this works:

Lets say your submitting a document. Post it in the unlocked sticky'd thread (along with a description, and screen shot if you are submitting a hack. see rule 7 of submitting hacks.) and then wait. Mods will then (when they get around to it) check what ever you submitted (in this case a document), and look for any errors in what you submitted. If they find nothing wrong with it, they will move your post to the locked thread, once it there it means it has been accepted and everyone can download it when needed. If the find something wrong with it, they will:

1. Copy your post.
2. Make a thread a thread here.
3. Paste your post in it (so we know what it is).
4. Then list the things wrong with it.
5. Then they will delete your post in the thread you submitted it in.

Easy right?


Now then here are the rules for submitting things:


1. Make sure the content of your document is explained thoroughly with no errors.
Your document shall be removed immediately if there are any incorrect explanations.

2. The documents should be as descriptive and easy to understand as possible.
If you want people to understand the process explained in your document, make sure the content is as well-written as possible.

3. Use proper spelling and grammar
Documents riddled with misspellings, grammatical errors, chatspeak, leetspeak, etc. are unpleasant to read.


1. You must submit an IPS file, not a ROM.
Use Lunar IPS (or something similar to it) to create your IPS file, and put the patch in a ZIP.

2. Make sure your ips patch works.
It's useless if it doesn't.

3. Avoid major graphical glitches.
Eye searing palettes, unpleasant GFX, etc.

4. If you must post a NSFW hack make SURE to warn the players ahead of time.
I'm not sure if any of the mods even want to play a hack like this, so It might end up getting rejected. Keep a eye on this rule.

5. Test your hacks for any errors.
Anything that makes the game unplayable, or causes rule 3 will be rejected.

6. (Not required, but it is EXTREMELY recommended) Make your hack playable on accurate emulators.
No this does not mean ZSNES. You want your hack to work on the system its made for don't you?

7. Your submitted hack must have at least one screenshot!
An acceptable screenshot should feature an example of actual gameplay from the game (e.g. a screenshot that features the player, typical graphics and level design, choices of sprites, etc.). Unacceptable screenshots include unrelated images, as well as screenshots of simple, unrepresentative things (e.g. the Nintendo Presents screen or a very bland beta title screen). If you use the title screen as a screenshot, please include another screenshot of actual gameplay.


1. Should be Zelda related only.
Guess why.

2. It should work, and not cause any side-effects in game, if it does, please state so.


1. Don't submit addresses unless you are 100% sure of their function.
If editing an address seems to have multiple negative side effects, it is probably part of an important subroutine. Make absolute sure that each address you submit works as intended and doesn't mess up other parts of the ROM.

2. Give your submissions a proper description.
Descriptions such as "Tilemap related" are insufficient, vague, and should be avoided. Key details should always be included, such as the exact effects certain bytes have on the address.

3. Make sure the number of bytes are in DECIMAL not hex.

4. Check the RAM Map before submitting one to check if it is already submitted or not.

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Want to submit something? READ THIS FIRST!!!
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