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 I guess I should introduce myself

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PostSubject: I guess I should introduce myself   Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:18 pm

Hi all!

Since I become a member of this site I think an introduction is in place.
I am 25 yo, live in Sweden studying cognitive sience.
I have fooled around with Zelda 3 editing for a while, but nothing too serious.

Me and my wife started a project about 2 years ago.
We used to edit a litle now and then but latly we have been making it more often. We started to plan on a bigger scale and pre-designed doungeons and overworld areas. Mostly I plan and she builds.
We work almost only in hyrule magic but I am trying to learn some hex and asm editing to.

Hopefully you will hear more from me in the future when I have somthing to show. But it might take a while..

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I guess I should introduce myself
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